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Sustainable Packaging

Simple Packaging, Honeycomb FSC wrap, biodegradable peanuts, FSC cartons

We believe in using simple packaging supporting Fair Trade growers and suppliers worldwide for a more sustainable Skincare collection. We only have one Planet Earth. Februarius Purity| Beauty  plant oils and extracts are sourced from suppliers who employ wild-harvest deforestation sustainable practices and maintain a Certified Fair Trade status. Furthermore, these suppliers ensure that re-planting initiatives are implemented and done according to forestation guidelines. 
The Februarius Purity | Beauty collection is sold in airless glass containers.  The airless container was selected because it prevents air from entering the product.  This extends the life of the ingredients to give you the optimum skincare value.  The airless pump automatically releases a small pump of lotion/serum/cream to prevent waste.  This container is 100% reusable so you can fill with your DIY creations after emptying and sterilizing.   The other product containers are Cobalt Blue, Black & Amber glass. We also use Cobalt Blue, Black, & Amber  PET jars.  These are reusable and recyclable. I selected Cobalt Blue & Black because both protect the contents from UV rays and are a popular UNISEX colour.  The Aromatherapy & therapeutic oil blends are in glass for UV protection & life extension purposes.  The spray bottle items are in PET bottles to lower the shipping weight and prevent broken merchandise issues. The therapeutic  muds and creams are in PET containers to lower the shipping weight and cost.  French Green Clay is packaged in kraft pouches to offer a recyclable, low weight eco-friendly option.

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