I founded Chez Sylvie Naturals out of a love for all things natural.  Living a life style free of pollutants and toxins has been a Dream and a challenge. I believe we can have skincare that is in harmony with Nature without damaging our Planet. Hence, I founded Februarius Purity | Beauty - botanical skincare you feel good in.

My pursuit of skincare made from Botanical, Organic ingredients in a formula that offers "one easy to use product category solution " led me to launch  Februarius Purity | Beauty. Many brands offer one product for Retinol, another for Hyaluronic Acid, another for Ceramides, Peptides etc. So as a consumer it meant that I was required to purchase multiple products and add these products to my skin in layers which is time consuming and made the routine NOT FUN. My Februarious Purity | Beauty collection is designed to protect and nourish the skin from the harsh elements of every day living in one product category formulas.  Februarius Purity | Beauty uses active botanicals, pure plant oils, plant extracts, & organic vitamins and minerals that will nourish and rejuvenate your skin to leave it looking younger.  The anti-oxidants, peptides, glycolic and alpha hydroxyl acids in these cremes help rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level to repair wrinkles, reduce inflammation and heal damage caused by age and the environment.  They hydrate the skin and leave a protective barrier to keep moisture in and pollutants out.    As our bodies age our hormones change, cell growth slows down and our skin loses its elasticity resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles.  We certainly cannot erase the wrinkles; however, we can minimize and improve their appearance.  We can safely remove dead skin cells producing a skin brightening effect to offer a luminous, healthy glow.  Puffy, irritated skin caused by inflammation can be reduced and / or eliminated by using a combination of selected ingredients.

FEBRUARIUS Purity | beauty

Inspired by Februa, the Roman festival of Purification, Februarius Purity | Beauty skincare is symbolized by the ballerina of water.  Just as the ancient Romans celebrated cleansing, so can we celebrate our cleansing routines each morning and at the end of our day.

Our Botanical Collection is
Februarius Purity | Beauty – inspired by Februa - the Roman festival of Purification. Februarius Purity | Beauty is symbolized by the ballerina of water. It is vital that we protect our largest organ from the harsh environmental elements. Naturally pure sustainably beautiful skincare made for you with Earth in mind.
Our ingredients are natural, botanical, chemical and animal cruelty free. We use plant additives to encourage collagen production,vitamins,minerals, plant extracts and pure natural essential oils. Februarius Purity | Beauty Collection is formulated and produced in a clinical lab. Our botanical facial and body oils are formulated and made in small batches to ensure fresh and quality batches. Body sprays, body butters, salves , luxurious soaking salts etc are made by us in small batches.

Our items are Artisan made in small batches from natural and sustainable ingredients.. We use Certified Organic oils sourced from Certified Fair Trade suppliers. Our pricing may seem higher, however, we can assure you that our quality skincare will achieve its purpose & offer optimum results. We look forward to helping you achieve healthy skin and more. Together we can build a vibrant community of Pure, Natural Botanical skincare enthusiasts.

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Februarius Purity | Beauty

"Botanical Skincare you feel good in" ......

Nourish, hydrate & Protect your most important organ - your skin