Our Purity Commitment

Our Purity Commitment

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils

We purchase Organic Certified, Fair Trade plant oils from suppliers that test their oils to grade the compounds and ensure the oils are not adultured and are PURE.  We purchase some plant oils that are harvested in the Amazon Rainforest for two reasons. First the raw oils offer superior compounds not found in other global forests and second,  the harvesting is done in accordance with sound forest management principles. Some species' trees are not touched - their limbs, seeds, barks are collected from the forest floor thanks to wind and storms.   Organic certification is meaningful  but there are parts of the world where it is  unavailable and impractical. Organically Grown means that farmers plant, cultivate, and harvest following natural, organic practices, but have not gone through a formal certification process. Wild-crafted means that the plant is discovered and harvested in its natural habitat, without being farmed.  We purchase from suppliers that follow Plant Management practices - they replant and  leave a high population to seed and grow for future years.

Therapeutic quality means that all our essential oils are tested for purity and include the ideal chemical profiles to offer health and wellness benefits.  Our suppliers validate each essential oil we sell using GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) testing. GC/MS testing allows our supplier to see a breakdown of the compounds found within each oil plus their percentages.  They also test for pesticides, synthetic ingredients, additives and other chemicals The highest-quality essential oils start with healthy plants, grown in their native climate without the use of chemical pesticides. Our producers work with plants that are organically grown, wild-crafted, or certified organic to ensure a fully natural product. GC/MS tests give us an affirmation that the oils are free of harmful chemicals or additives.


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