Wash Regularly

If you wouldn’t wash your hair with hand soap or body soap, you shouldn’t wash your facial hair with it either! Much like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be washed and conditioned. Throughout the day, you’re likely touching your beard and getting crumbs and other debris trapped in there. All that oil and dirt should be washed out at least two to three times a week. While you can use your shampoo to wash your beard, shampoos specifically designed for facial hair can promote the appearance of growth and combat sweat. A therapeutic French Green clay treatment once a week will yield results your friends will envy. Cleanse, detox and healthy hair will happen.

Comb Your Facial Hair Every Day

If you want to avoid knots and keep your facial hair looking neat and full, combing every day—with a facial hair comb—is a must. Beard combs have longer teeth designed to capture deep tangles. If you have a beard, goatee, or smaller portions of facial hair, the small design of a mustache comb will suit you better than a beard comb.

If you want to style your facial hair, you’ll need a beard brush or a mustache comb and beard balm. A balm is an alternative to styling gel that won’t turn white, flakey, and crusty as it dries. Use a beard brush instead of a beard comb, as beard brushes are meant to style the beard and distribute product, while beard combs are meant to detangle hair.

Keep Hair Moisturized

he climate you live in. If your skin is naturally oily or you live in humid conditions, keep the beard oil application down to about two to three times a week. If you live in a dry area or have dry skin, you’re safe to apply beard oil every day. If you notice a build-up of oil in your beard, you can knock it back down to a few times a week.

With these facial hair care tips, you’re on your way to having stronger, healthier hair! If you’re looking to keep your facial hair styled and moisturized, Februarius Purity | Beauty Rainforest Miracle Pracaxi Oil is a wise choice. Your hair will be shiny, healthy and feel awesome!

What Exactly Is a Toner?

To jump right in, facial toners are a type of skincare product with a liquid, water-like consistency designed to play a few different roles. Ever since they rose to popularity during the 90s, their overall goals have been the same: remove dirt, prime, and soothe. However, the original formulations of that era contained quite a bit of alcohol, which is why they have a bad reputation for being harsh and

What Do Toners Do?

Toners are designed to remove excess dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities that your cleanser leaves behind. That’s right—your cleanser isn’t perfect! Modern toners also give your skin a direct boost of active ingredients while prepping it for the next step in your routine.

We can divide facial toners into three main categories: astringent toners, hydrating toners, and acid toners. The main ingredient in astringent toners is typically alcohol or other ingredients to cleanse and remove excess oil from the skin. Hydrating toners usually have a high water content to help improve and aid water retention. Acid toners typically contain AHAs such as glycolic or lactic acid to act as a chemical exfoliant to help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Toner?

In general, the main benefit of toners is the removal of leftover impurities, but that’s not all there is to it! Toners also help restore moisture and support your skin’s natural protective barrier by providing it with the hydration it needs to stay strong. Depending on what type of toner you choose and the active ingredients it contains, your toner can help you target specific skin concerns, such as oily or overly dry skin.  Februarius Purity | Beauty ToneMyFace is recommended since it provides nourishment in addition to preparing the skin for any product.

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