Polysorbate 20 - Emulsifier

Polysorbate 20 - Emulsifier

POLYSORBATE 20 Known as TWEEN20, Polysorbate 20 is a great "in betweener" for other emulsifiers to help cover a wide range of oil in water (o/w) and water in oil (w/o) emulsions. It is highly effective in water alone to help essential oils solubilize and avoid the need to shake water and essential oil products before use. It can also be used as a viscosity modifier.

Polysorbate 20 can make emulsions appear somewhat hazy with a yellow tint. It is recommended that sprays made with Polysorbate be stored in opaque or amber glass packaging to diguise any potential color variation.

  • Category: Additive, emulsifier, surfactant
  • Ingredient Function: Emulsifier
  • Used in: Lotions, creams, serums, conditioners, shampoos, soaps, scrubs and polishes, cleansers, exfoliants, toners, room sprays, gels, colour cosmetics
  • Solubility: Water soluble; pale yellow to hazy viscous liquid; mild characteristic odour
  • Derived From: Sorbitan, Monododecanoate, Poly(Oxy-1,2-Ethanediyl) Derivatives, Water, 1,4-Dixoane, Oxirane, Hydrogen Peroxide

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