Flawless Skin...

Flawless Skin...

Flawless Skin How to get it skincare routines are crucial to keep your skin clean, luminous and healthy. Cell turnover and regeneration creates a soft skin glow texture.  Februarius Purity| Beauty  Collection was designed to give an easy | effective solution for cell regeneration, protection, and skin texture improvement.  We formulate to ensure all ingredients are pure, ethically harvested and follow sustainable practices.  It is far easier to prevent skin damage than to repair skin damage. ToneMyFace prepares the skin for RenewMyFace and RenewMyEyes moisturizers. Three skincare beauties that give real results.  If desired one of our botanical facial oils can be applied also; however, we personally found we didn't need it.  If you prefer oils to a moisturizer we have several amazing Botanical Oils to choose from: Golden Glow Radiance, Vitamin Supreme, Prickly Pear, Rainforest Pracaxi Miracle Oil are  rich with organic pure oils that nourish and leave your skin with a silk glow.   We recommend a daily Suncreen; even on cloudy days, a hat and sunglasses to protect your beautiful skin.

Today I believe the Beauty Industry is promoting wrong, harmful and very damaging messages.  Women have been subjected to unrealistic beauty images since the 1800’s.  Magazines, cinema movies and others have employed young models subjected to unrealistic body weight and measurements.  The industry has slathered on heavy makeup and airbrushed the images to perfection, all in the name of Beauty.  Today social media is bombarded with ladies applying makeup that causes their blemishes, scars, imperfections etc to disappear like Magic.  We see countless before and after transformations of a plain ordinary face transformed to a Hollywood beauty right before our eyes.   Numerous ads tell us that if we buy this and that we too can transform our face to a “Hollywood glamour look”.   Our imperfections and wrinkles disappear just like magic....Blah Blah Blah!!!        

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