How To Use Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are potentially hazardous when used topically particularly if you have sensitive skin, a chronic skin condition, or a tendency toward allergic reactions. IT IS ESSENTIAL  that you DILUTE essential oils.   Essential oils evolved over millions of years as natural defensive mechanisms for different plant species against animals, birds, insects, and bacteria. As part of the evolutionary process, plants developed extremely potent aromas and anti-microbial properties to ward off these threats. This extreme concentration of phytochemicals - which is intensified by the high volume of plant material required to produce a small volume of commercially available oil - makes essential oils potentially hazardous when used topically.

The undiluted use of essential oils can cause potential skin irritation and sensitivity due to their potency. By blending and diluting essential oils with milder products, you will be able to enjoy your custom formulated massage oil, lotion, cream, or similar body product safely without altering the properties of the essential oils. Dilution with a carrier oil helps enhance the physical experience of a massage. Essential oils are highly volatile, which means they evaporate quickly. By mixing them in a less volatile, more absorptive medium, they will linger longer on your skin, penetrate deeper, and prolong the pleasure of the experience.

In addition to taking precautions for the well-being of your skin, there is another particularly potent reason why essential oils should be diluted before use. While essential oils smell great from a diffuser bottle, you definitely don't want a concentrated version of the aroma to be stuck on your body. This is why blending and diluting essential oils with other products, such as a carrier oil, can save your sense of smell from being overpowered by the strong aroma.

Essential oils are a wonderful addition to many massage oils and cosmetic products, but they must be treated with caution to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Always dilute essential oils before using them topically and be sure to use a dilution ratio that takes the specific needs and risk factors of the end user into consideration. Even non-topical applications of essential oils should be treated with caution and diluted to prevent adverse reactions. Be sure to use high quality, Grade A 100% pure essential oils in your blends, and always do your research before working with a particular oil, as some may be friendlier than others for your needs.


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