Natural Fragrance Oils ~ What are They

Natural Fragrance Oils ~ What are They

Many fragrance oils are derived from petroleum or synthetic chemicals. Fractional distillation is the process of separating chemical compounds by using different boiling points for each compound to separate or isolate the exact molecules that contain the scent desired. The process is similar to essential oil distillation, except that fractional distillation uses different temperatures at different times to reach the necessary boiling point for each compound. These compounds are then blended to create the desired scent. This is a Vegan fragrance oil alternative.

Some interesting facts are:

  • Solubility: Oil soluble, alcohol soluble
  • Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow oily liquid
  • Odor: Sweet, floral, and heady with notes of honey

Production Information

  • Derived From: Plant material
  • Part(s) Used: Scent molecules isolated from plant material
  • Preserved With: No preservative
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Method of Extraction: Fractional distillation
  • Processing: Proprietary fractional distillation process
  • Design: Perfect for adding scents to products that essential oils can't provide.
  • Expensive to process and expensive to purchase

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