Double Cleansing...Trending

Double Cleansing...Trending

TRENDING ..should you?

SO... the practice to wash your face twice is the latest trend. Why & what is the rationale? What products do you buy for maximum benefit?

We need to wash off makeup, dirt, oil and makeup residue. The first wash will usually be an oil based cleanser. A DIY natural wash is to use coconut oil to remove makeup & dirt. So the purpose of the second wash is to remove remaining residue.

Some people like to use micellar water during the first cleanse. The second cleanser should be a water based cleanser to ensure all impurities and residue is removed. A foaming gel or a foaming cream cleanser are popular options. Or a micellar water can be a second option.

Your skin needs moisturizer. Always follow a double cleanse with a serum or a  moisturizer like Februarius Purity | Beauty RenewMyFace or Supreme Facial Creme.

This trend is so effective because oil based cleansers are especially skilled at dissolving makeup and drawing out your skin’s impurities. This is because oil naturally attracts oil. When you rub a carrier oil or cream cleanser on your face, it blends easily with the sebum, sweat, etc. built up throughout the day. It is easy to wash all those impurities away. Because the micelles in micellar water cling to oil and dirt, it works in a similar way. Therefore, use a cotton pad to remove the makeup/dirt when using micellar water for best results.

The downside of all these cleansers (aside from micellar water) is that they can be difficult to wash off. That’s because oil and water don’t mix, and is consequentially why your second water-based cleanser is so vital. The surfactants in your gel cleanser will cut through any oil and grime your first cleanser missed while being easy for water to dissolve and rinse away.

Common suggestions:

  • Oil cleanser + micellar water (ideal for oily or blemish prone skin)
  • Cream cleanser + gel cleanser (good for normal to dry skin)
  • Micellar water + gel cleanser (good for oily skin, or normal skin if your gel cleanser is hydrating)
  • Oil cleanser + gel cleanser (oily to normal skin)
  • Cream cleanser + micellar water (normal to dry skin)

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