What's Your Skin Type

What's Your Skin Type

Normal Skin

Normal” skin is best described as well-balanced. It has even moisture and hydration and uniform texture, with small pores and no apparent problem areas. Those with normal skin  may experience occasional dryness or oiliness as well as the odd breakout. Overall, normal skin looks and feels healthy but may experience mild dryness or oiliness as well as the occasional breakout, particularly when exposed to environmental stress.

For this reason, a normal skin care routine should focus on keeping skin healthy and protected. In addition to fortifying the skin with antioxidants, make minor adjustments to your routine depending on concerns and conditions of the moment. During periods of dryness, opt for products aimed toward dry skin; for oiliness and/or breakouts, choose products that will balance your complexion and target blemishes.  Februarius Purity | Beauty RenewMyFace is a crème that is a good choice and Golden Glow Radiance, Prickly Pear Oil and Rejuvenate Radiant Glow are excellent oil serum solutions.

Dry Skin

Dry skin produces less oil than normal complexions. This skin type lacks the lipids needed to retain moisture and keep skin soft and supple. Skin feels dry and tight, and flakes sometimes appear on the cheeks, chin and forehead. Those with dry skin often have nearly invisible pores and may display more prominent fine lines around the eye and lip contour areas.  Vitamin A Purity is an excellent choice.

It is important to use moisture-rich products like oil or cream cleansers and daily moisturizers to replenish skin throughout the day as well as a rich night cream to repair skin while you sleep. Weekly moisturizing masks are also advised to plump and soften skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Februarius Purity| Beauty Supreme Facial Serum, Golden Glow Radiance, Rejuvenate Serum and Prickly Pear Oil are good choices. Rainforest Pracaxi Miracle Oil is recommended for over night deep hydration and collagen repair.

Oily Skin

Unlike dry skin, oily skin  has overactive sebaceous glands which produce an excess of sebum. While sebum is necessary to lubricate skin and keep its moisture barrier intact, overproduction can lead to an oily complexion that has visible pores and is prone to spots and blemishes. Fine lines and wrinkles do not show as easily on this skin type, but it does need to be maintained to prevent breakouts and control shine.

The goal for an oily skin care routine is to control excess oil and maintain skin’s hydration. When dehydrated, skin will react by producing more oil; you can counteract this activity by hydrating skin with a lightweight moisturizer containing humectants like botanical hyaluronic acid ( Supreme Facial Serum). Also, consider adding an oil cleanser to your skin care routine. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the oil in the cleanser will attract excess sebum, allowing you to rinse it away without stripping your skin. A once a week Green Clay Treatment will aid in reducing excess oil and bacteria - clay should be rinsed off within 5 minutes and followed with Februarius Purity | Beauty ToneMyFace.  Next follow with Prickly Pear Oil.

Combination Skin

Combination skin is characterized by non-uniform oil production and appears neither overly dry nor oily. With more active oil glands in the T-zone and less active glands elsewhere, combination skin will tend towards oiliness on the forehead, jaw and nose, and dryness on the cheeks, jawline and hairline.

The best approach for Combination is often to divide and conquer, treating different parts of the face with different products and techniques. For morning, a gentle foaming cleanser will absorb excess oil. At night, a cream-based cleanser will replenish lost moisture. Februarius Purity | Beauty ToneMyFace prefers the skin to receive a hydration such as Supreme Facial Serum or Golden Glow Radiance or Rejuvenate Radiant Glow. 

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is quite common and, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, affects 50% of people. This skin type has fine pores, can be easily irritated and is prone to redness. Often, it will react negatively to poor lifestyle habits, climate and weather changes, hormonal imbalances and harsh cosmetic ingredients.

Sensitive skin will perform best with gentle and soothing skin care products that will heal skin and relieve symptoms.  A consistent skincare routine will reward you with balanced, calm & healthy skin.  Once a week  Februarius Purity | Beauty  Green Clay Mask applied & rinsed off within 5 minutes is recommended.  

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